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Garage Door Repair Services
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Not being able to open the door is a rather common problem. Even a simple issue like forgetting to take the opener out of the ‘vacation’ mode could cause it to refuse opening. Obviously, if this is the problem it can be solved by the owner himself without calling anybody, but in almost any other case, it is advised to call the specialists and let them do their job in order to avoid any further deterioration of the situation.

More Serious Issues

Garage Door Repair Services in FloridaThe garage door opener is responsible for the movement of the door, so any loose wire or short circuit could cause the entire system to stop moving. The electricity is tough to handle without experience and can be dangerous at some point. In areas with harsh winters, door mechanisms tend to get completely frozen. This usually happens to the screw drive type of openers. In this case, special tools are needed to unfreeze the door and return it to its normal working condition.

Broken Springs

One of the worst things that can happen is broken springs. In this case, you can consider yourself lucky that nothing else in the garage was harmed. The only way to make the door work again though, is to replace them both. The tension carried by the springs is enough to counterbalance the entire garage door mechanism. So it carries a lot of force and needs to be handled very carefully. It is not an easy task by any means, so it is highly recommended to hire professional services for the job.

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