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Garage Door Openers
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Openers are motorized devices that consist of several components. The unit, which is often mounted on the ceiling, hosts a number of parts, like the antenna, sprockets, the motor, a shaft and the gear system. The garage door trolley, which is connected to the door with an arm, is also part of the opener system. Garage door openers made after 1993 all integrate photo eyes, which are installed at the two sides of the opening and approximately four or six inches over the floor. With electric powered openers, the door opens automatically, but many systems also have a backup battery for the times there is power outage. All parts of the opener system are important and need good care in order to move the door automatically, offer safety and provide convenience and security.

Reverse system

Garage Door Openers in FloridaIn an effort to help people avoid entrapments and accidents, the Underwriters Laboratories issued some safety standards which must be met by opener manufacturers. Since 1993 openers are made with reversing systems. They have sensors, which are installed at the low parts of the opening, so that they can see cars, pets, people and anything in the door's way. Upon contact, the door should stop and reverse.

Travel limit switches

These are found in the opener unit hanging from the ceiling. One switch is used to adjust the upward movement of the door and the other switch is used to adjust the downward movement. In order for you to enjoy security and drive your car through the entrance, the door must close and open completely. Its opening and closing position is set by these travel limit switches. The up and down switches are turned clockwise and counter clockwise respectively to enable the door to open and close all the way.

Chain drive openers

Garage door motors work with a drive guide to open and close the door. There are three options in the market with the chain drive being the most popular one. This looks like a bike chain that runs through the rail, which is connected to the motor at one side and the trolley at the other side. When the motor runs, a sprocket in the opener unit turns and the chain which goes around this sprocket turns, too. The movement/power is passed to the trolley and from there to the arm, which pulls the door open.

Alternatively, there is the belt and screw drive. The former one is made by rubber and the latter is basically a metal rod.

Opener repair services in Keystone

When the motor doesn't make any noise, there is a power problem or the motor is dead. If the sensors are not aligned, your safety will be compromised. With the travel limit not adjusted properly, the door might remain open and the reverse system might not work right. If you are dealing with any of these problems, let our professionals at Garage Door Repair Keystone solve them for you. We offer same day garage door repair service in case of emergencies. If any of the parts is not fixable, our technicians can replace it.

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