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Do you know how to select a new garage door opener? Let the following garage door tips be of assistance

Do not entrust the remote or access code with other people

The garage door remote or the access code works just like the keys to your home. Our specialists at garage door repair Keystone strongly advise that you should keep the remote to yourself and only members of your household as a safety precaution. Also, choose a garage door remote with rolling code technology.

Give attention to the springs

Heavy garage doors won't open if the springs are broken. Even if they did, Garage Door Repair Keystone recommends great caution because the door might fall since springs keep it open. Garage door springs can also be dangerous if they snap. So, their good maintenance is a must.

Inspect wood garage doors for decay regularly

You have to watch out for damage to the paint such as fine cracks and bubbles. The professionals of our garage door repair company in Keystone explain you also need to look for dark spots indicating the presence of water. Run these spots with your finger gently. If tiny pieces of wood come out, then immediate repair is required.

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