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Wood Garage Door Maintenance

Wood Garage Door Maintenance
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Wood remains a top option for garage doors because of its distinct appeal. Its natural, warm look continues to draw homeowners’ interest. There are other materials used by garage door companies that resemble the look of the wood, but nothing compares to the natural look of this material. This is why even if it is more difficult to maintain than steel or aluminum, many people still prefer it for their doors. As a result, they routine care is observed.

Proper Care of Wood

Wood Garage Door MaintenanceModern doors are moved with a push on the remote controls. Manual doors are lifted by the arm. Movements can add stress to the wood’s finish or to the panel itself. These lead to cracks and gaps that can be an entry to water and lead to further damage. To prevent this, a weather resistant finish can be used. Two types of these are available, namely the film finish varnish or paint and the penetrating finish oils and stains. Film finishes are prone to cracks and flakes while penetrating finishes are more flexible. Before painting or staining a wood garage door, proper cleaning is required since dust and dirt can weaken them. This is often overlooked but it can lead to other problems in the future.

The major problem in using wood is its swelling. It swells when the weather is humid and contracts when it is not, since it is hydroscopic. However, the right finish can protect the wood. Garage door contractors even make sure that the door is finished both from the exterior and interior side. A quality finish can protect the material from harsh effects of the weather, regardless if it is hot or humid. This could also prolong its life, regardless if paint or oil is used.

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